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Eugénie Bérubé, originally from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu in Quebec, is a talented painter who takes pride in representing the artistic talents of her region.

From a young age, she has followed her passion for painting and sold her first artwork at the age of 9. Since then, she has exhibited in several local galleries, capturing the attention of collectors and art enthusiasts with her unique vision and distinctive style.

She studied visual arts at Cégep de Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and completed a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts Education at UQAM. She is currently pursuing her dream of obtaining a Master’s degree in Museum Studies after obtaining her Bachelor’s degree.

With her artistic talent and creativity, Eugénie Bérubé continues to evolve with passion and determination in the world of contemporary art, proudly representing the talents of her region.






Eugénie Bérubé works on her paintings using multiple layers of materials. She employs structural mortar and acrylic, and sometimes mixes other materials with interesting textures to achieve a diversified texture on her canvases.

Colors and textures

She enjoys working with thickness, which adds an additional dimension to her creations. The colors she uses are vivid and vibrant, emphasizing the forms represented according to the chosen subject. She tackles a variety of subjects and paints based on her inspiration and the requests of her clients.

Formats and Supports

Although she has worked on smaller formats before, her paintings are generally large. She also uses unconventional supports such as a mannequin, a cone, aluminum, or even a giant ear. Eugénie uses everything around her as a canvas, stating that “the world is a beautiful blank canvas that needs to be filled with colors.” She has also received training in welding and carpentry, which allows her to produce her own unique paintings.

Literature as concept

Furthermore, Eugénie incorporates literature into her artistic practice. She believes that art should not be rushed, contrary to what a 2017 study by the British museum Tate suggests, revealing that visitors spend an average of 8 to 30 seconds contemplating a work of art. For her, her creations are not meant to be just visually pleasing, but to provoke questioning and reflection.

Formats and Supports

She integrates expressions from everyday life into her paintings so that everyone can feel connected to her creations and find meaning in them. Literature is a key element of her art, as it adds an additional depth to her paintings. She sometimes incorporates words into her paintings that are subtly hidden, inviting viewers to come closer and delve into the details of her creations for more than 30 seconds.

It is by taking the time to explore them that one can truly appreciate their beauty and complexity, and perhaps even discover hidden meanings. If you want to discover the essence of her paintings, take your time and immerse yourself in the world of her creations. Who knows, you may find a true source of inspiration.

my Art Collection

My Inspiration

As a passionate painter, my greatest source of inspiration comes from people themselves. Meeting them, exchanging with them, and collaborating to create unique pieces is what gives meaning to my artistic life. The stories, emotions, and experiences of my clients are my greatest sources of inspiration, fueling my creativity and guiding me in my artistic process
Eugénie Bérubé

Exhibitions and Events


Place aux jeunes at Galerie du Lac


Quebec City

Virtual Intercollegiate Exhibition

May 2020


Intercollegiate Exhibition at Cégep de Saint-Jérôme

May 2022



May 2022


La Fermette Fumée Restaurant

September 2022


Showfrette Weekend en Lumière

February 2023


Le Marché aux Fleurs (The Flower Market)

May 2023




May 2023

by Eugénie Art

Together, we can develop a unique approach that allows me to add my personal touch to your ideas, creating unique and intriguing works of art that capture the essence of Eugénie Art.

This is a collaborative service where we discuss and exchange ideas to reach an agreement on a piece of art that aligns with my artistic style.

Discover my process

Cooperative creation

When we work together, I take into consideration your ideas, preferences, and inspirations, and merge them with my distinctive artistic style to create works that are innovative and true to my artistic vision. I strive to create pieces that are a reflection of your ideas and my own creativity, bringing my unique artistic sensitivity to each project.

Collaborative Process

Our collaborative process involves open and transparent communication, where we share our ideas, opinions, and reflections to reach a consensus on the artistic direction to take. I also consider the technical aspects of the artwork, using my expertise to create visually appealing and well-executed works of art.

A Unique Approach

My artistic style is characterized by my large formats, the integration of writing into my works, and vibrant colors. By using these elements, I aim to create artworks that are unique, intriguing, and captivating to the viewer.In summary, our collaboration is a dynamic process where we combine your ideas with my artistic vision to create artworks that are both unique and representative of the essence of Eugénie Art.

I am ready to create something unique for you

I am passionate about this collaborative approach and excited to work with you to create artworks that will truly be special and reflect our artistic collaboration.


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