20 vingt-deux (20 twenty-two)

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“20 Twenty-Two” is an intimate artwork by artist Eugénie Bérubé that explores her toxic relationship experienced in 2022. The artist has incorporated personal elements into this artwork, including the last words she said to her ex-partner before permanently blocking him from her life: “I don’t want to talk anymore, I want to be left alone.” These words are written in the artwork, but some passages are hidden by an abstract and figurative figure that represents the artist herself. Although her face is not directly recognizable, knowing the story behind the portrait allows one to guess her presence. The artist, known for incorporating literature into her artwork, plays with words by writing “2022” and then crossing out the numbers “22” to replace them with the corresponding letters. This play on words adds a poetic dimension to the artwork, highlighting the temporality of this lived experience. At the center of the artwork, there is a heart in a box, symbolizing the feeling of confinement that the artist felt in this toxic relationship, where she was constantly confronted with psychological violence. However, the heart is cut (pierced) by a line, representing the pain of separating from a love that once existed. The dominant color of the artwork is red, evoking both the passion of this past relationship and the pain associated with the breakup. The use of the color red reinforces the emotional aspect of the artwork and expresses the intense feelings experienced by the artist during this period.

91.44 X 121.92 cm


1 in stock