Distance : Lui et Elle (Distance : Him and Her)

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“Distance” is a captivating artwork that is part of the “Amour” collection by artist Eugénie Berbe. At the center of each canvas, one can observe two semi-figurative characters representing the artist herself and her partner in a long-distance relationship. These characters are depicted in a way that expresses the complexity of long-distance relationships.

At the heart of each character, there is a deliberately created hole that has been carefully repaired with a piece from the other character. This detail symbolizes the impact of long-distance love on a couple, where despite their individual unity, a part of one belongs to the other, and vice versa. This visual representation underscores the deep interconnectedness of long-distance relationships and how they can sometimes cause emotional distress.

The artwork “Distance” also explores the duality between figuration and abstraction through different techniques and perspectives, including the use of trompe-l’œil. Eugénie Berbe plays with the viewer’s perception, inviting reflection on concepts of unity and separation, closeness and distance, love and heartbreak. The subtle details and artistic choices of the artist create an intriguing and profound visual experience.

In summary, “Distance” is an introspective artwork that speaks to the artist’s personal experience in a long-distance relationship while exploring universal themes such as the body, love, and the duality of human existence. Its poignant message about the complexity of long-distance relationships and how they can influence our perception of love and closeness make it an emotionally rich and deeply thoughtful work of art.

Him : 60.96 X 81.28 cm

Her : 60.96 X 81.28 cm


1 in stock