Garde partagée (Shared custody)

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The artwork “Garde Partagée” from Eugénie Bérubé’s collection “Amour” presents a complex scene featuring two adult characters and three smaller characters that appear to be children. At the center of the artwork, a female character, identifiable by her breasts, appears to be separating or pushing away the male character to her right. This scene allows the viewer the freedom to interpret the artwork in their own way, opening up multiple possibilities for interpretation.

The colors used in the artwork are significant. The warm colors, particularly the yellow surrounding the children, evoke innocence and protection of the children from the adult reality. The cool colors, especially the blue on the side where the male character is, suggest the sadness and distress of this character.

The interaction between the characters raises several questions and possible interpretations. Is the woman preventing the father from seeing his children? Or is she protecting them from something? Or perhaps both at the same time? The central position of the woman and her gesture of pushing away the male character allow for different interpretations, leaving the viewer free to create their own story around the artwork.

Eugénie Bérubé’s “Amour” collection often addresses complex and nuanced themes related to human relationships. In “Garde Partagée”, the artist explores the complex dynamics of family relationships and the emotions that can arise from them, highlighting the tensions, conflicts, and difficult choices that parents may face in the context of shared custody.

91.44 X 121.92 cm


1 in stock