La naissance de Venus (The birth of Venus)

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Inspired by Sandro Botticelli’s famous painting “The Birth of Venus,” Montreal artist Eugénie Bérubé has created a contemporary work that questions the ideal of feminine beauty in 2023. Through this artwork, the artist challenges the sexualization of women and the monetization of their bodies, particularly in the context of social media platforms such as OnlyFans, where “almost legal prostitution” exists in the form of selling erotic content.

Bérubé’s artwork explores several themes related to contemporary society. It sheds light on the excessive sexualization of women in the media and popular culture, as well as the social and economic pressures that drive some women to monetize their bodies. It also questions notions of beauty and the feminine ideal, challenging the norms and expectations imposed on women in modern society.

In this artwork, Bérubé uses a contemporary artistic approach to create an adaptation of Venus. She employs a humorous play on words by writing “Only Ventilateur” instead of “Only Fan,” referencing the OnlyFans platform, and also uses provocative phrases like “Combien vaux mon corps” (How much is my body worth) to critique the commodification of the female body. Bérubé uses vibrant colors and abstract forms to create a visually striking composition that captures the viewer’s attention.

Through this artwork, Bérubé questions modern society and its contradictions regarding beauty, sexuality, and the monetization of the female body. She highlights the challenges and consequences of this reality while using humor and satire to critique social norms and self-destructive behaviors. Bérubé’s artwork invites viewers to reflect on preconceived ideas of beauty and femininity, as well as the issues of sexualization and commodification of the body in contemporary society.

91.44 X 121.92 cm


1 in stock