Se perdre en amour (Getting Lost in Love)

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“Se Perdre en Amour” is a striking artwork created by Eugénie Bérubé, part of the Amour collection. The artwork features an intriguing composition of dispersed facial parts in an abstract symmetry, randomly arranged along vertical lines.

The artist skillfully employs the technique of dispersion to represent the confusion and disorientation that can arise in the context of love. The facial parts are arranged to create an abstract symmetry, suggesting the apparent harmony of love, but also the effect of losing oneself in the complexity of emotions and experiences of love.

The randomly arranged vertical lines add dynamism to the artwork, creating visual movement that reflects the emotional turmoil often associated with love. The colors used are carefully chosen to evoke the intensity and variety of emotions in love, ranging from bright and vibrant hues to darker and enigmatic tones.

“Se Perdre en Amour” is a poignant visual representation of the feeling of losing oneself in a romantic relationship. It evokes the emotional and psychological challenges one may face when deeply invested in a relationship, sometimes losing their own sense of self amidst complex emotions and relational dynamics.

Eugénie Bérubé’s artwork invites us to reflect on the often tumultuous and profound nature of love, and how it can impact our perception of ourselves. “Se Perdre en Amour” is a captivating piece that prompts reflection and invites the viewer to explore the complexities of human emotions in the context of romantic relationships, making a significant contribution to the Amour collection.

35.56 X 27.94 cm


1 in stock