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The artwork “Soumise” by Eugénie Bérubé is a striking representation of a character in a submissive position, with a curved back as if pleading to someone. The vibrant colors used in this artwork are impressive, with the dominant color being turquoise, which is also the signature color of Eugénie Art, the artist’s company. This bold use of color adds depth and intensity to the artwork, capturing the viewer’s gaze.

The posture of the character, with the curved back and extended arms, evokes a position of vulnerability and supplication. However, the artist’s careful attention to the details of this artwork reveals that the woman depicted is not in a position of weakness, but rather in an act of assertion. The artist uses her art as a means of self-expression and challenging stereotypes of the submissive woman.

The depiction of the woman’s breasts, although often sexualized in art, is represented here in an unconventional manner, emphasizing the authenticity and complexity of femininity. They can be interpreted as a symbol of women’s strength and resilience, which are often misunderstood or reduced to clichés in society.

The artwork “Soumise” by Eugénie Bérubé is a striking example of the artist’s commitment to empowering women and challenging gender norms. It invites the viewer to reflect on the roles and expectations imposed on women in society, and to question gender stereotypes in a provocative and subversive way. This artwork represents a bold statement by the artist, asserting her own identity as a woman and as an artist, and challenging social norms that seek to limit her.

50.8 X 40.64 cm


1 in stock