Sous l’eau

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“The artwork “Underwater” by Eugénie Bérubé is a captivating representation of a view one could experience while being submerged among water lilies. At the heart of this scene, one can glimpse a graceful little fish gracefully moving about. Air bubbles, adding dynamism to the piece, gently ascend towards the surface. The artist skillfully employs an underwater perspective, offering a unique glimpse into this aquatic environment.

Upon contemplating this artwork, one is immersed in a sense of absolute silence and tranquility, sensations only found when underwater, where no one can disturb us. The gaze is directed upwards, towards the water’s surface, with the awareness that once we emerge, the sounds of the outside world will reclaim their place. This painting transports us to a moment of serenity, inviting us to contemplate the beauty of this underwater world.

The dominant colors in the artwork are primarily cool tones, reminiscent of the characteristic ambiance of an aquatic environment, with varying shades of blue and green. These hues evoke the sensation of cold water, further immersing us in this underwater scene. The sunlight piercing through the water, creating shimmering light effects, harkens back to moments from our childhood when we marveled at these rays dancing and twisting through the water.

The artist has mastered the use of textures and gradients to create depth and a sense of movement in the artwork. The water lilies are delicately rendered with their floating leaves and delicate petals, while the little fish moves with lightness. The ascending air bubbles add a touch of vitality and dynamism to the overall composition.

“Underwater” is an artwork that transports us to a mysterious and peaceful world. It serves as a reminder of the fragile beauty of the underwater realm, allowing us to immerse ourselves in a moment of contemplation and serenity. The artist invites us to rediscover the enchantment of childhood, where each sunbeam underwater transported us to an enchanted realm. It is a painting that reminds us of the importance of finding moments of tranquility and reconnecting with the surrounding nature.”

91.44 X 121.92 cm


1 in stock