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Analog Photography: Unexpected Revelations



“Analog Photography” is a photographic exhibition that unveils the unexpected harmony nestled within the folds of our ordinary world. Using the analog medium, renowned for its rich nuances and organic texture, this series of six works pushes the boundaries of aesthetic perception.

The essence of this series is to question and stretch traditional boundaries of beauty. In an era where perfection is often idolized, these bold works use analog photography to magnify imperfections and unearth wonder in the overlooked aspects of our environment. With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for thoughtful compositions, “Analog Photography” reveals the inherent elegance in the ordinary.

The analog technique employed offers an authentic dimension, rooted in photographic tradition. The natural grain, range of tonalities, and color rendering of analog photography add depth and warmth that could not be captured by digital means. This reinforces the visual narrative, allowing viewers to connect with the images in a more intimate way.

“Analog Photography” is an invitation for reflection, a tribute to beauty in all its forms, and a reminder that perfection is not the sole expression of aesthetics. By exploring what many consider to be undesirable or insignificant, this series of analog photographs urges us to embrace a more inclusive and richer vision of the beauty that surrounds us.


Analog photography on Ilford HP5 paper plus


20 X 19 cm

Year of Creation