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Canine Covers



Crafted following a contest in collaboration with the Flower Market of St-Bruno, this piece showcases Eugénie’s unique talent to merge various forms of expression. At first glance, the observer is struck by the two dogs, depicted with a realistic precision contrasting with the colorful background surrounding them.

The painting is imbued with the energy of pop art, the vibrancy of graffiti, and the elegance of handwritten script. The overlay of styles is bold, challenging traditional art boundaries to deliver a distinctly contemporary output.

Beside the two dogs, iconic figures such as Queen Elizabeth and Kylie Jenner emerge, embedding the artwork in a contemporary conversation about celebrity and significance. Eugénie, with her usual finesse, weaves humor and wordplay through the portrayals of these personalities and the spotlighted dogs, inviting viewers to delve deeper, to search and uncover every detail, every hidden nuance.

The concept of stardom is heightened by portraying the dogs as if they were gracing the covers of luxury magazines: Prada and Dior. The addition of fictional barcodes emphasizes this effect, highlighting the merger of commerce and fame, and questioning how society consumes art, fashion, and personalities.

“Canine Covers” celebrates modern iconography, cultural obsessions, and their interplay with everyday life. Eugénie Art invites us to reflect on celebrity, representation, and the role media plays in shaping our realities. With her technical expertise, sense of humor, and ability to blend various styles, the artist creates a piece that is both a visual celebration and a sharp critique of contemporary culture.

Every detail, every element offers a playful yet thoughtful nod, prompting viewers to ponder the value we place on celebrity, objects of desire, and how pop culture influences our perception of the world.


Acrylic, paper and glue on canvas


121.92 X 91.44 cm

Year of Creation