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Chez soi (At home)



As part of their photography course, the artist has created a series of images capturing their intimate relationship with the idea of “home.” Through these photographs, the artist expresses their sense of not having a permanent place to live, considering that their home is within themselves. Each shot is imbued with a poetic atmosphere, where the light of a projector evokes a projection of a home onto the artist, highlighting this fictional place that they create with their own essence.

The projector becomes a tool for reflection on the boundaries between reality and fiction, between the interior and exterior of oneself. By playing with light, shadow, and perspective, the artist explores the concepts of identity and home in a personal and profound way. The photographs are both familiar and strange, inviting the viewer to question notions of home and identity, and to challenge traditional conventions associated with these concepts.

Through this diptych, the artist has captured the subtleties of their everyday environment and transformed them into a personal and unique world. The images capture the details of their daily life, creating an intimate and subjective vision of their home. The artist uses photography as a means of self-exploration, shedding light on often overlooked aspects of their environment and transforming them into a captivating artistic experience.

This series of photographs is a true hymn to freedom and creativity. It shows us that the place where we feel at home can be found within ourselves, without relying on external factors such as geography or material possessions. The artist reminds us that we are all architects of our own inner home, and that is where our true home resides. The photographs are a poignant testimony to the artist’s search for identity and belonging, as well as an invitation to reflect on our own relationship with the concept of home.

By using photography as a means of expression, the artist creates a profound and thoughtful artistic work that challenges the conventions and common perceptions associated with the notion of home. This series of photographs invites us to reflect on our own relationship with our environment and identity, and encourages us to explore our own concept of home. It speaks to the power of art as a means of communication and reflection on essential questions of the human condition, while capturing the beauty and complexity of the artist’s intimate relationship with their own home, which resides within themselves.



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