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Double face (Two face)



Double Face is a compelling example from Eugénie Bérubé’s Amnour collection. The artwork depicts the effects of manipulation on others. It portrays the act of changing one’s personality for someone else, altering one’s beliefs to please others, and losing oneself in someone else’s desires. The piece captures an emotion that is not immediately visible.

The use of cool colors such as blue and green evoke a sense of distress and confusion. Warm colors such as red and yellow are sparingly used, primarily to emphasize the coldness of the overall piece, hinting at the hope of finding oneself in an ocean of lies.

The massive, monstrous, and chaotic portrait effectively conveys the different faces one may create to please others. The artwork is a powerful visual representation of the impact of manipulation on an individual’s sense of self. Double Face serves as a thought-provoking reflection on the complexities of human behavior and the masks we wear to conform to societal expectations.


Acrylique, pastel gras et mortier de sculpture sur toile


91.44 X 121.92 cm

Year of Creation