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Écoute ses yeux (Listen to her eyes)



“Écoute ses yeux” is a fascinating artwork from the Amour collection created by Eugénie Bérubé. It depicts a face seen from three different angles, merged into a single visage. The eyes are represented using geometric shapes, notably a circle and a triangle, which are characteristic elements frequently present in Eugénie Bérubé’s Amour collection.

Bright colors are prominent in this artwork, with green being particularly dominant. The color green is often associated with nature, life, and growth, which can evoke feelings of love, renewal, and flourishing in a relationship.

The circular eye shape is particularly captivating, almost hypnotic, immediately drawing the viewer’s attention. It is represented in a striking manner, emphasizing the importance of the eyes as windows to the soul, conveying emotions and expressions in a romantic relationship.

Symbolism of the artwork: The title “Écoute ses yeux” suggests that in a romantic relationship, sometimes partners do not need to speak to understand each other. Eyes are often considered as windows to the soul, and in this artwork, they are represented intensely through geometric shapes, highlighting their power of silent and profound communication. The artwork thus evokes the idea that exchanged glances, expressions, and emotions conveyed through the eyes are essential in a romantic relationship, enabling deep understanding and intimate connection between partners.

The use of geometric shapes, such as the circle and triangle, in the representation of the eyes may also have symbolic significance. The circle, as an endless shape, can evoke eternity, perfection, and harmony, symbolizing the timeless and sacred nature of love. The triangle, on the other hand, can represent stability, balance, and connection between three elements, evoking the complex relational dynamics present in a romantic relationship.

The bright colors used in the artwork may also have symbolic meaning. Vibrant colors, such as the dominant green, can evoke passion, energy, and vitality of love. Green can also be associated with growth, transformation, and fertility, symbolizing the flourishing and evolution of a romantic relationship.


Acrylic, oil pastel, and sculpture mortar on canvas


35.56 X 27.94 cm

Year of Creation