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Il est femme (He is woman)



The artwork by Eugénie Bérubé titled “Il est femme” is a powerful visual representation of the LGBTQ community. The canvas is dominated by the color pink, traditionally associated with femininity. At the center of the artwork, a character is depicted with both breasts and a penis, indicating that they are transgender. The character is surrounded by a flower, a classic symbol of femininity.

Eugénie Bérubé sensitively and deeply explores the question of gender identity in this artwork. The transgender character depicted on the canvas asserts their femininity, despite their male biology. The presence of both breasts and a penis on the character is a powerful reminder of the complexity of gender identity and the diversity of experiences lived by transgender individuals.

The flower surrounding the character can be interpreted as a symbol of femininity, representing beauty, fragility, and the strength of women. It can also symbolize nature and growth, echoing how gender identity can evolve and flourish.

The choice of pink as the dominant color in the artwork is significant. Traditionally associated with femininity, this color can be interpreted as a symbol of self-affirmation and the struggle for recognition of gender identity. It represents resilience, pride, and the assertion of a chosen gender identity.

The title of the artwork, “Il est femme” (which translates to “He is woman” in English), is also poignant. It indicates that the character depicted considers themselves as a woman, despite societal expectations and traditional gender norms. This title challenges strict binary notions of masculinity and femininity and underscores the complexity and diversity of gender identities within the LGBTQ community.


Acrylique, pastel gras et mortier de sculpture sur toile


91.44 X 121.92 cm

Year of Creation