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La famille c’est comme des branches d’arbres



In this captivating artwork by Eugénie Bérubé, a majestic tree comes to life on the canvas. Its branches gracefully extend in all directions, forming a complex and intertwined network, while its sturdy roots delve deep into the ground, symbolizing stability and continuity. However, this tree is much more than a mere representation of nature.

The extraordinary colors that adorn the tree’s leaves immediately intrigue the viewer. These vibrant hues, different from those commonly found in nature, lend an enchanting aura to the artwork. They evoke the multifaceted aspects of life and human experience, testifying to the richness of family diversity.

At the heart of this painting, a poetic phrase is inscribed, but partially obscured by the bold brushstrokes of the artist. This visual puzzle invites the viewer on an introspective quest to decipher the hidden message. It is as if life itself is sometimes filled with mysteries and veiled fragments of truth.

The family tree depicted in this creation embodies the idea of eternal unity despite the varied directions taken by its branches. Each branch is unique, representing different family members and the paths they embark upon in life. However, the common roots serve as a reminder of the strength of familial bonds, rooted in shared history and values.

Eugénie Bérubé drew inspiration from this powerful notion to breathe life into this idyllic artwork. Her piece celebrates the diversity and individuality of each family member while emphasizing the significance of familial roots and heritage. It is a poignant reminder that despite the individual paths we traverse, we are all connected by unbreakable ties that link us to our origins.


Acrylic, oil pastel, and sculpture medium on canvas


91.44 X 121.92 cm

Year of Creation