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Le maquillage de la honte (The makeup of shame)



“Le Maquillage de la Honte” is a captivating artwork by Eugénie Bérubé that forms a part of the Amour collection. The piece showcases two abstract faces, skillfully rendered with vibrant colors and rich textures – a hallmark of Eugénie’s unique style.

The title of the artwork, “Le Maquillage de la Honte” (Makeup of Shame), alludes to the idea of hiding behind a mask in a romantic relationship. The artist masterfully depicts the complexities of emotional concealment and vulnerability in love.

The vivid colors used in the artwork add depth and intensity to the piece, drawing the viewer’s attention to the contrasting emotions portrayed on the faces. The intricate textures created by Eugénie’s deft brushstrokes add dimension to the artwork, creating a tactile and visual experience for the viewer.

The characters in “Le Maquillage de la Honte” are intriguing, with their abstract forms suggesting a sense of mystery and anonymity. They seem to be locked in a moment of emotional conflict, their expressions hinting at concealed emotions and unspoken truths, inviting the viewer to interpret their story.

With “Le Maquillage de la Honte,” Eugénie Bérubé has created a thought-provoking piece that captures the complexities of human emotions in the context of love. It is a powerful representation of the masks we wear and the vulnerability we experience in relationships, making it a captivating addition to the Amour collection.




Acrylic, oil pastel, and sculpture medium on canvas


35.56 X 27.94 cm

Year of Creation