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Les champignons



“The Mushrooms” by Eugénie Bérubé is an artwork that reveals the unsuspected splendor of nature’s details, the ones that often go unnoticed unless we pay special attention. In this large canvas, it is the tiny mushrooms that take center stage. The artist aims to represent these modest protagonists in all their grandeur, emphasizing the importance of paying attention to the hidden wonders of our environment.

The texture of the artwork is simply incredible. Eugénie Bérubé has captured every minute detail of the mushrooms, almost sculpting them with the modeling paste she uses to give a unique texture to her work. The delicate reliefs and organic forms of the mushrooms seem to come alive on the canvas, inviting the viewer to observe them closely and discover their astonishing beauty.

The colors used in “The Mushrooms” are equally impressive. The subtle shades of brown, beige, and red create a warm and harmonious palette. The rich and nuanced tones evoke the depth of nature and highlight the importance of every small detail that composes our world.

This artwork is captivating and magnificent. It invites the viewer to slow down and get lost in the nooks and crannies of nature. “The Mushrooms” reminds us that beauty often lies in the overlooked details. It is a tribute to the richness and diversity of nature, and a reminder of the necessity to cultivate a curious and attentive gaze towards our environment.

Through this artwork, Eugénie Bérubé showcases her exceptional artistic talent, both in the meticulous representation of the mushrooms and in the creation of a captivating atmosphere. Her meticulous work transports us to a world where the small wonders of nature are magnified, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in this enchanting universe.


Acrylic, oil pastel, and sculpture medium on canvas


91.44 X 121.92 cm

Year of Creation