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Les nénuphars



The artwork “Les Nénuphars” by Eugénie Bérubé is a captivating and soothing representation of a sunset landscape. The painting invites viewers to immerse themselves in the tranquility of an aquatic environment where water lilies sway gently on the water’s surface while the sun disappears on the horizon.

The dominant colors in the artwork are primarily cool tones, ranging from shades of blue, mauve, and green. However, what makes this composition particularly special is the subtle presence of the sun’s warm orange-yellow hues delicately warming the canvas. This harmonious combination of colors creates a unique visual atmosphere, evoking both the tranquility and gentleness of a twilight landscape.

The artist has devoted meticulous attention to the details in this representation. The reflections in the water are depicted with great precision, giving the impression of a liquid mirror faithfully reflecting the surrounding world.

Upon close observation of the artwork, one can almost feel the thickness of the materials used. The artist employed a layered technique to provide additional texture and depth to the painting. Visible brushstrokes and tonal variations add a tactile dimension to the artwork, inviting the viewer to fully immerse themselves in this peaceful landscape.

“Les Nénuphars” is a painting that captures the essence of tranquility and serenity. The artist has successfully created a visually stunning scene where calmness reigns supreme. It is an artwork that encourages relaxation and contemplation, offering a haven of peace in a bustling world.


Acrylic, oil pastel, and sculpture medium on canvas


91.44 X 121.92 cm

Year of Creation