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Ma sœur ( My sister)



“Ma Soeur” (my sister) is an artwork composed of six pieces created by artist Eugénie Bérubé. The artwork is based on a childhood photo of the artist with her sister Justine. However, the artwork goes beyond a simple photo, as it incorporates several elements to create a complex and emotional representation of the relationship between the two sisters.

The first four pieces are the main photos and states. The artist cut the original photo into strips and then wove them with letters she had written to her sister in her diary when she was eight years old. In these letters, Eugénie expresses her love for her sister while also expressing her anger towards the negative events that disrupted their relationship. The woven strips thus create a visual representation of the change in their relationship, with moments of connection and interruption.

The fifth piece is the photo that was cut and woven, then cut and rewoven multiple times to create the four different states. These states symbolize the fluctuations and transformations of the relationship between the two sisters over time, marked by complex and sometimes painful life experiences endured by Justine.

The last piece is a diary page where Eugénie wrote the lyrics of the song “Le Papillon Bleu” by Marie-Élène Thibert. This song evokes the fragile and ephemeral beauty of life, as well as the memories and emotions associated with the relationship between the two sisters.

Themes: “Ma Soeur” addresses several deep and complex themes. It sheds light on family dynamics, the bonds of love and anger between siblings, and the consequences of life events on family relationships. The artwork also explores notions of transformation, change, and ephemerality, as well as how memories, emotions, and life experiences can shape our relationships with loved ones.

Artistic techniques: Eugénie Bérubé uses cutting, weaving, and collage techniques to create this complex artwork. She also incorporates personal elements, such as letters from her diary and song lyrics, to add an intimate and emotional dimension to the artwork. The use of the childhood photo of the artist and her sister creates a connection to their personal history, adding an autobiographical dimension to the artwork


Photograph printed on paper


  • The 4 states; 35.56 X 33.02 cm
  • The weaving; 24.13 X 20.32 cm
  • The text; 21.59 X 27.94 cm

Year of Creation