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Monogamie (Monogamy)



The artwork “Monogamy” is a piece from the “Love” collection by artist Eugénie Bérubé. This painting explores the theme of monogamy, which is reflected in the closeness between the two depicted characters. One of the characters is dominated by the color pink, while the other is primarily in blue. The artist, being heterosexual, drew inspiration from the traditional symbolism associated with these colors, where pink is often associated with femininity and blue with masculinity.

The composition of the artwork is centered around the proximity between the two profiled faces, which take up the entire space of the canvas. The faces are turned towards each other, expressing a sense of intimacy and emotional connection. The presence of these two characters side by side, with minimal space between them, evokes the idea of commitment in a monogamous relationship, where two individuals are closely bonded to each other.

The dominant pink color on one of the characters can be interpreted as representing femininity and love, while the dominant blue color on the other character can be associated with masculinity and stability. The artist’s use of these colors may be perceived as a reference to the traditional view of monogamy, where gender roles are often stereotypically assigned.

The artwork “Monogamy” can also be interpreted as a reflection on the challenges and contradictions of monogamy in contemporary society. The closeness between the profiled faces can be interpreted as a metaphor for the emotional and physical intimacy often associated with a monogamous relationship. However, the way the faces are represented in profile can also be seen as a sign of closure or limited vision, suggesting the limitations and constraints of monogamy.


Acrylic, oil pastel, and sculpture medium on canvas


91.44 X 60.96 cm

Year of Creation