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Nature Morte (Still life)



The artwork “Nature Morte” by Eugénie Bérubé is a delicate and realistic painting of a British collector’s cup and a pearl necklace that belonged to her grandmother. Created at home, this still life bears the characteristic brushstroke of the artist, showcasing her immense talent in painting.

The British collector’s cup is depicted with great attention to detail, revealing the artist’s mastery in representing textures, reflections, and shadows. The subtle color nuances used in this artwork demonstrate the artist’s realistic approach, in contrast to her usually vibrant-colored works. The delicate and precise brushstrokes highlight the finesse of the object.

The pearl necklace, which belongs to the artist’s grandmother, is also represented with great meticulousness. The pearls are rendered with striking realism, capturing the light and brilliance of these precious gems. The necklace is elegantly arranged, adding a touch of sophistication to the composition.

The artwork “Nature Morte” bears witness to the artist’s talent in the meticulous representation of everyday objects and the care she brings to the details. It also demonstrates a realistic and subtle approach to colors, showcasing the artist’s versatility in her artistic style. This still life is a tribute to the beauty of objects from the past and the artist’s personal heritage, capturing an intimate story in this artwork.



Acrylic on black Mohawk canvas


97 X 71 cm

Year of Creation