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Polygamie (Polygamy)



Eugénie Bérubé’s artwork “Polygamy” from the “Love” collection presents an intriguing scene featuring three characters who seem to merge together. The artistic composition shows a juxtaposition of bodies and shapes, creating a visually captivating image. The contours of the characters blend, giving the impression that they are intimately and inseparably connected.

The dominant color in the artwork is yellow, a color often associated with happiness and joy. However, in the context of this artwork, the yellow color can also evoke jealousy, a complex and contradictory emotion often associated with polygamy. The fusion of the characters can thus be interpreted as a visual representation of the complexity and emotional challenges related to polygamy.

Polygamy is a controversial subject that raises many questions and reflections on human relationships, society, and cultural norms. Eugénie Bérubé’s artwork offers an artistic representation of this complex theme, inviting the viewer to reflect on the different perspectives and emotions associated with polygamy.

Bérubé’s artwork “Polygamy” also addresses questions of identity and individuality. The fusion of the characters can be interpreted as a symbolic representation of how individuals can lose themselves or merge into a polygamous relationship, and how this can affect their identity and autonomy. This artistic representation encourages the viewer to question the notion of identity in the context of multiple and complex relationships.

The use of the yellow color in the artwork can also be interpreted as a commentary on the duality of polygamy. On one hand, it can evoke the brightness and warmth of multiple relationships, but on the other hand, it can also remind us of jealousy and tensions that can arise in such relationships. This tension between the positive and negative aspects of polygamy is subtly represented in Bérubé’s artwork, prompting the viewer to reflect on the nuances and contradictions of this complex subject.


Acrylic, oil pastel, and sculpture medium on canvas


60.96 X 91.44 cm

Year of Creation