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Sans titre (Untitled)



“Sans titre” is a digital artwork created by artist Eugénie Bérubé during a successful artistic experiment. The artwork depicts an eye that is distorted by a mechanism set up by the artist during the shooting process. Despite her knowledge of video and photo editing, Eugénie Bérubé prefers not to digitally modify her photos, and thus devises various strategies and mechanisms to achieve results such as those in “Sans titre”.

In this artwork, the eye is distorted by a plastic diffusion plate, creating visual confusion and requiring careful analysis to identify the eye. This deformation of the eye raises questions about perception and reality, challenging the way we perceive objects and images in our visual environment.

The use of digital photography in “Sans titre” allows the artist to create a precise and detailed image while experimenting with possibilities of distortion and manipulation of the image. Eugénie Bérubé employed a specific mechanism during the shooting process to achieve this eye deformation, demonstrating her mastery of technique and innovative approach in her artistic practice.

The absence of a title in this artwork enhances its enigmatic nature and invites the viewer to interpret and question what they see. “Sans titre” encourages careful exploration of the image, prompting the viewer to question their usual perception and reflect on the relationship between reality and its visual appearance.

In conclusion, “Sans titre” is an intriguing digital artwork created by Eugénie Bérubé, depicting an eye distorted by a mechanism set up during the shooting process. This artwork prompts reflection on perception and reality, while showcasing the artist’s technical skills and innovative artistic approach. Its lack of a title adds an enigmatic dimension to the artwork, encouraging the viewer to carefully explore the details and questions it raises.


Digital Photography


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