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In this captivating artistic composition titled “Venus,” Eugénie drew inspiration from various elements to create a humorous and captivating artwork. Skillfully blending the famous sculpture of Venus de Milo, the elegance of Vogue stores, the energy of street art graffiti, and the iconography of the cult film Pulp Fiction, she gave birth to a unique masterpiece.

At first glance, Eugénie’s distinctive brushstrokes are recognizable, highlighting the delicacy of the features and the graceful expression of Venus. The artwork exudes a vibrant atmosphere, where the artist successfully captures the timeless beauty of Venus de Milo while infusing it with a contemporary touch.

The elements from Vogue stores harmoniously blend into the composition, adding a modern and refined aesthetic. The vibrant colors and dynamic geometric shapes bring a captivating vitality to the entire artwork.

The influences of street art and graffiti are also evident, with splashes of colors and abstract patterns seamlessly merging into the tableau. These elements provide a refreshing and daring touch, creating a surprising contrast with Venus’ classical serenity.

A playful reference to the film Pulp Fiction is carefully integrated into the artwork. The artist chose an iconic image from the film featuring an elegant woman smoking a cigarette. However, with a humorous wink, Eugénie advises children not to smoke, thus highlighting the irony present in certain scenes of the film.

Upon close observation of the drawing, subtle jokes and humorous messages gradually reveal themselves. The artist has cleverly hidden wordplay and visual gags throughout the artwork, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves further and explore each detail with attention. This interactive approach creates an engaging and stimulating artistic experience.


Acrylic, graphite pencils and collage on paper


28 X 38 cm

Year of Creation